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My coaching experience at iSpark was a very critical phase in my life that didn't only help me in settling on what major or career to pursue, but it also helped me learn how to adapt to unexpected obstacles like for example not being accepted in the university which I desired. It also helped me understand the reason behind my desire towards that specific field or major; making me know my “why” was a huge benefit that has been affecting my decisions and steps up until this moment.
- Mahfouz Samir Mahfouz

Best Support Ever

Career Coaching made me realise that one of the career paths I wanted wasn't fit for the lifestyle I wanted to have and wouldn't let me have a creative outlet that some of the other careers have. I felt overwhelmed by the numerous career options and I was terrified to make the wrong choice, and I needed guidance from a trusted person. After joining University, I feel like I know that it's not only about what major you choose it's more about what career you want to pursue. Also, I know more information about career options and don't have the misconception people have about some careers.
- Nadine Wael

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